Pair of Push up Stands Highest-Quality With Foam Grip For Exercise

Rs.2,599 Rs.3,999

Push-ups are a weight-bearing exercise that is a valuable addition to any strength or body-sculpting routine. They can be performed anywhere, and are not restricted to the super fit or highly trained. Performed by professional football players, military recruits and physical education students alike, push-ups are an essential exercise for symmetrical upper-body development and the preservation of joint mobility. The use of push-up stands, or push-up bars, while performing this exercise improves wrist strength. Not only is it beneficial for athletes, but also for normal people who want to maintain a good body balance and strong upper body.

  • Strengthen and tone chest, back, arm muscle
  • Helps Develop balance and coordination
  • Padded handles for a secure and comfort grip
  • Removable base for east transport
  • High Quality
  • To push-ups
  • Weak wrists can get supported especially after surgeries.
  • Allows for greater range of motion,
  • increasing the intensity of your workout

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